Hi everyone, despite the bear market and major events all around the planet, it has been a very exciting period for the TAHU project.

We kept developing and adapting to crypto, tech, social changes and integrating the latest technologies.

Our goal has always been to build products with real value and utility, whether being pure digital art, metaverse assets or “ goods, we kept creating.

After all technical developments we performed since TAHU inception last September, it’s now time to build a focused community, which is interested in the project and can really take advantage of being part of TAHU.

In our vision the project success is determined by a close interaction between 2 elements:

  1. Community growth and participation
  2. Team building and product delivering

You support the project, we deliver value, that’s the deal.



During the first 2022 semester we achieved 98% of our goals, interpreting the extremely quick changes into crypto space and focusing on product innovation, not selling any coin, and wisely spending our budget.

Our effort was, is and will be, distributed across 3 directions:

  1. Products Delivery
  2. Community Building
  3. Marketing Initiatives

Q1 2022

  • Extend team to 10 heroes ✅
  • Incubate 5 new artists ✅
  • TAHUROTS Collection ✅
  • Interactive NFT Showcase ✅
  • Metaverse beta ( WebGL) ✅
  • Multiplayer module ✅
  • 3D NFT characters assembler ( UNITY ) ✅
  • Phygital NFT discovery ✅
  • Non-crypto companies discovery ✅

Q2 2022

  • 3 Pitches with non-crypto companies ✅
  • Collaboration with crypto projects ✅
  • Hire NFT advisor ✅
  • NFT voice recognition ✅
  • Membership NFT project ✅
  • TAHUTOMA Collection ✅
  • TAHUTOMA Website ✅
  • Extend Discord functionalities ✅
  • Collaboration with 2 launchpads 🔧
  • Solana integration 🔧

Q3 2022

  • Extend team to 14 heroes
  • Discord community build
  • TAHUTOMA Collection drop 1/2
  • TAHUTOMA Collection drop 2/2
  • Character Synth Module
  • Interact2Earn Design
  • Interact2Earn Module 1
  • Metaverse gamma ( WebGL + AR )

Q4 2022

  • Metaverse AAA prototype ( Unreal Cloud Render )
  • Multiverse AR prototype ( WebGL )
  • RAINBOW Collection Drop
  • …and much more to be announced!


Our NFT character assembler is ready and shining, it’s a software made with Unity3D which allows us to create NFT assets in .glb format, hence cross metaverse and cross platform.

GLB is a standard, open source format so any metaverse or game can easily include TAHU NFT characters.

The assembler has been used to produce the incoming TAHUTOMA collection and will be adopted to deliver more cross metaverse characters and props, more info to come.

Our metaverse prototype, Tahuverse, will be upgraded with several new features, including:

  • Multiplayer Module
  • Voice Recognition
  • New user experience

Soon it will be fully accessible by our discord community!


Previously we had a pitch with a Marketing Company, considering the budget requested and the market condition, we considered this move was not bringing any positive effect to the project and to investors.
We will re-open the contract with the marketing company when the market will be in better conditions.

We are working hard with our advisor to expand community and onboard influencers, with specific interest in NFT and use case projects.

Marketing is also the collaboration we are establishing with non crypto companies, a dedicated article/ report will be released during Q3.


One year ago we started the TAHU journey to bring valuable NFTs , implementing real time 3D assets, the direction was clear, the market was still evolving.

The passive, static, JPEG NFT era is close to its end, investors and collectors are looking for a real value, coming from utility:

Actually, the concept of NFT utility gave life to several use case models:

  • Membership Exclusivity
  • Cross metaverse assets
  • Clothing, Wearables & Physical goods
  • Digital Art Next Gen
  • Digital Identity

We are happy to see that our effort went in correct direction, let’s take a look to our incoming collections.

Membership NFT ( Digital Identity , Membership Exclusivity, Digital Art )
Status: Released

An interactive asset representing specific projects, NFT tracks realtime token data.
It has been adopted by HODLegend project, in collaboration with Dexfolio. In pitch with several projects.

RAINBOW ( Digital Art, Physical Goods )
Status: WIP
Drop: Q4 2022

Phygital collection based on real paintings collection and its digital art assets.
It explores realtionship between lights and sounds.

TAHUROTS ( Digital Art )
Status: Completed
Drop: Q3 2022

Pure digital art, reproducing interactive art pieces inspired by Tarots culture.

TAHUTOMA ( Cross Metaverse, Digital Art, Digital Identity )
Status: Completed
Drop: Q3 2022

Cross metaverse, composable, animated, voice interactive characters and are already implemented in our , each character with its own personality and skills.

They also features Synth function to reduce supply and increase rarity.


TAHUTOMA first drop is on its way !
Grab your whitelist spot by joining our discord and stick there around!



TAHU is an innovative NFT platform originating from the meeting of cutting edge media industry and blockchain technology.

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TAHU is an innovative NFT platform originating from the meeting of cutting edge media industry and blockchain technology.