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As promised, we start releasing project updates for 2022 regarding

  • TAHU’s Metaverse (TAHUVERSE) Alpha Preview
  • TAHU Staking

Let’s see what we have!

The following is the first of many updates so make sure to stay tuned and follow us!

TAHUVERSE Alpha Preview is finally here 🎮 🎊

Our idea of Metaverse is an identity based space, as explained in our previous article, and we will start by granting access to our alpha version of to anyone wishing to participate via a wallet whitelisting mechanism.

TAHUVERSE Alpha Preview

Alpha Preview is a fully interactive 3D Metaverse, accessible from any major web browser from any device desktop and mobile.

It’s based on the latest webGL technology and web3 standards.

At this stage the interactive space features-list includes:

  • 🌎 Explorable 3D world, you can freely move around and explore
  • 🎨 NFT collections showrooms
  • A personal space used, for now, to showcase your own NFTs (we support Metamask wallet in the Alpha Preview)
  • ….oh and yes we have interactive 3D characters!
    Watch’em dance! 🕺💃

TAHUVERSE can be expanded to infinity and beyond 🚀, we will constantly release updates, integrations and a detailed roadmap, join it early and be part of the first real Metaverse community! 🎮 ❤️ 🎮

Partnerships and next steps will surprise you all 🔥

How I can access TAHUVERSE Alpha Preview? 🔒

You can access preview program by filling the dedicated form

  • Your BSC wallet address (or MATIC or ETH)
    if you own TAHU NFTs use the BSC address that holds them so you will be able to enjoy them in the TAHUVERSE in your personal space. Otherwise any wallet from BSC/MATIC/ETH supported by Metamask will do it.
  • Your Discord ID
    How to find your Discord Id
    What is Discord?

Selected TAHU aficionados will be added to a private discord channel and their wallet address will be whitelisted to login into TAHUVERSE.

Selected alpha testers list will be announced on our socials, so hurry up and join our public Discord!

✍️ Form to request Alpha Preview access: https://forms.gle/XVCpJTCUxBQ2GhKV9 ✍️

Staking live 🚀 🤑

The first verison of our staking system is now live, with amazing APRs.
We decided to support ALL our TAHU holders , not only NFTs ones, during these difficult market conditions ❤️ while building a long term strong community, you can stake through our Boutique here: https://boutique.tahu.digital/#/stake

TAHU Staking System

Staking options

  • 90 days — APR 240%
  • 60 days — APR 110%
  • 30 days — APR 50%

Staking rules

  • 30% Penalty for early withdraw
  • Max daily withdrawal 20%
  • No limitations on harvesting
  • Can’t re-stake while withdrawing

Staking & Tiers

Wallets staking TAHU token will access Tier System* as follows

TAHU Tiers V1

*Specs may be subject to change before next collection release.




TAHU is an innovative NFT platform originating from the meeting of cutting edge media industry and blockchain technology.