Introducing TAHU Boutique and first Realtime NFT collection

3 min readOct 30, 2021

TAHU Boutique is finally here! 🎉

THAU is thrilled to announce the release of our NFT Boutique along with the very first Realtime NFT collection,“SPARKLY — DreamBox”.

How to buy TAHU NFTs 💰

NFTs can be booked and bought from on 1 NOV 00:00 UTC on our freshly released boutique

👉 👈

Further instructions on how to buy TAHU NFTs below in this article. 👇

What is Sparkly — DreamBox? ✨

SPARKLY collections-family feature interactive contents based on real time 3D rendering and audio processing, resulting in a audio-video experience, defined by a unique style.

DreamBox is a Sparkly collection based on a study focused on human dreaming experience, each item represents one of the most experienced feelings during a dream, generated real time by software as machine oriented interpretation.

User interaction modifies the audio-video generation process temporarily, and it comes back to its own rendering style when the user just observes the creation process.

Sparkly — Dreambox collection

5 Key Concepts gives life to creation process:


There will be 75 copies available for each of those 5 NFT, price 1000 TAHU tokens.

Each eligible wallet will be able to buy one copy for each model

Booking Eligibility 🛒

In order to be eligible for booking each wallet must obtain a “ticket”, locking 1000 TAHU tokens.

1000 TAHU needs to be locked in order to obtain a ticket.

Holders can forfeit the ticket at any time, when it happens, locked TAHU tokens will be sent back to the wallet which will enter forfeit cooldown” period of 18 days.
Each wallet can obtain (again) a booking ticket when the forfeit cooldown period ends.

Obtaining NFT 🛒

Once the booking countdown ends, the holder can claim booked items using the “CLAIMS” webpage.

Claim webpage

Enjoying your NFTs 🥳

Each wallet owned item will be visible in the “My Items” webpage as well as, when applicable, marketplace(s) page.
A link will bring to the actual interactive NFT content.
When applicable, direct link to marketplace(s) trading will be provided as well.

“My Items” webpage
“My Items” webpage

Next Steps 👷‍♀️👷‍♂️

  • We will release new contents periodically, our target is to have 1–2 collections per month , depending of contents type, which will include collectibles, gamified contents and generative art 🎮
  • A Tier system is in our plan to give our holders the chance to access exclusive contents and benefits.
  • We are designing-developing items oriented to the METAVERSE culture via new partnerships and dedicate TAHUVERSE collections. 🌎
  • 3 new collections are currently in the work, they will be focused on generative art, exclusive collectibles, and 3D interactivity.
  • TAHU will release its first 3D Character TAHUTOMA, featuring mods, skills and……to be continued ;)




TAHU is an innovative NFT platform originating from the meeting of cutting edge media industry and blockchain technology.