Pre Release Updates

Team has been working on several aspects of the project, ensuring modularity and long term perspectives, find out all the relevant updates.

Boutique Release

The Boutique will be based on a booking mechanism in which TAHU holders will be able to book NFTs by locking their THAU and later on claiming them on their preferred chain. Yes! We’ll go multichain!
Purchased NFTs will be available and accessible on a dedicated “My Items” page.

The Boutique release is planned for the end of October along with our first exclusive collection which can be claimed on BSC.

How to buy TAHU NFTs

  • Booking Eligibility
    In order to be eligible for booking each wallet must obtain a “ticket”, locking 1000 TAHU tokens.
  • Obtaining NFT
    Once the booking countdown ends, the holder can claim booked items using the “CLAIMS” webpage.
  • Enjoying your NFTs
    Each wallet owned item will be visible in the “My Items” webpage as well as, when applicable, marketplace(s) page.
    A link will bring to the actual interactive NFT content.
    When applicable, direct link to marketplace(s) trading will be provided as well.
Explore your TAHU NFTs
  • Ticket Forfeit
    Holders can forfeit the ticket at any time, when it happens, locked TAHU tokens will be sent back to the wallet which will enter “forfeit cooldown” period of 18 days.
    Each wallet can obtain (again) a booking ticket when the forfeit cooldown period ends.

In short

  • Each eligible wallet can book an NFT copy, which will be claimable when the booking countdown ends.
  • When a collection is published, wallets stuck in “forfeit cooldown” status CAN’T book any NFT.
  • TAHU NFT items owned will be displayed in the “My Items” page.

Collections Release

First collection to be released in the boutique is “SPARKLY — DreamBox”, which will be available as BSC NFT.

SPARKLY collections features interactive contents based on real time 3d rendering and audio processing, resulting in a audio-video experience, defined by a unique style.

DreamBox is a Sparkly collection based on a study focused on human dreaming experience, each item represents one of the most experienced feelings during a dream, generated real time by software as machine oriented interpretation.

User interaction modifies the audio-video generation process temporarily, and it comes back to its own rendering style when the user just observes the creation process.

5 Key Concepts gives life to creation process:


There will be 50 copies available for each of those 5 NFT, price TBA.

Each wallet will be able to buy one copy for each model.

Multichain support

TAHU now supports both Ethereum and BSC networks, TAHU collections will be available on one or more networks according to market demand and content typology.

At the moment Polygon/Matic support is running in testnet.

Solana NFT support and BSC bridge will be included in future.

BSC collections will be submitted to PancakeSwap and few other marketplaces.

Trading NFTs

Opensea currently supports only Ethereum and Polygon/Matic, so collection claimable on these network can be traded on the same marketplace.

NFT space is quickly evolving offering several secondary marketplaces, our aim is to deliver NFTs to our holders providing ways to collect and enjoy them conveniently cost-wise and/or trade them for profits at later stage.

NFTs availability: introducing TAHU dual storage

Lately concerns have been raised in the NFT ecosystem about availability over time, since items could disappear if a server node is taken down, no one really addressed this issue properly so far.

TAHU instead, decided to adopt a highly available storage solution for NFTs by storing contents on both decentralised and centralised storage systems.

IPFS has been choose to ensure NFTs decentralised, long term availability regardless THAU system status. Read about IPFS here.

NFTs are also mirrored to AWS to ensure NFTs faster and programmatic availability.

TAHU recent airdrop already implemented on this dual storage solution.
How? Have a closer look at the NFT description here.

TAHU dual storage: NFT can be enjoyed in both centralised and decentralised way.

By integrating IPFS and AWS services, TAHU can definitely ensure purchased items to be highly available. Your NFTs are and will always be SAFU.



TAHU is an innovative NFT platform originating from the meeting of cutting edge media industry and blockchain technology.

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TAHU is an innovative NFT platform originating from the meeting of cutting edge media industry and blockchain technology.