Project Review & Updates

Our team is happy to share the current status of the project, the progresses achieved so far and future plans

3 min readSep 24, 2021

What is TAHU ?

TAHU is an innovative NFT platform originating from the meeting of cutting edge media industry and blockchain technology offering rich interactive contents, unleashing AAA media industries creativity.

The project relies on a simple and effective idea technologically as well as from a business point of view: mixing skills and knowledge from different fields of scope, shaping a real Crypto-Media Top Tech Bridge.

What do we offer ?

The next NFT generation, real time contents which allows any kind of user interaction and creativity, not images, not video, we deliver 3D real time experiences, opening the doors to endless gamification and technologies implementation, detailed info in our litepaper.

Following a simple example of TAHU contents type, our first Interactive Brand NFT: “Symbol”

Our NFTs will be available on our boutique for book /buy; moreover TAHU NFTs can be listed and traded on OpenSea.


First of all thanks to the support and experience of the Oxbull team for bringin in the following partnerships and creating conditions for healthy growth of the project

We are working on other partnerships, stay tuned !

Project Development

We are on time with our roadmap:

  • The NFT contracts have been created and tested to ensure compatibility with opensea as secondary market
  • The Boutique module is in the process of integrating with the platform and smart contracts
  • The Incubator has been activated and has already formed 3 creative teams, continuing in the selection of creators

NFT Collections

TAHU Incubator is working on more than expected collections, at the moment we will release, along with boutique, the following ones:

  • Brand Collection
    Intended to represent TAHU brand and dedicated to holders by free airdrop(s).
  • Sparkly Collections — DreamBox
    Generative digital art collection, audio-video interactive content.

At the sametime, 4 additional collections are being designed, will follow update on this.


TAHU marketing will be managed by an established marketing company to ensure a professional approach and reliable process.
Considering our marketing wallet is locked we will fund marketing campaign with cash, starting in the next days, aligning release dates with influencers and ads.

Free Airdrop

Within the end of Septmber TAHU will airdrop to our holders the first Brand Collection’ s item, called “Symbol”.
Each wallet holding min 250 $TAHU tokens will be eligible to receive the NFT, as per our standard, NFT item can be listed and traded on OpenSea marketplace.

Thank you for time dedicated to know more about the project.

Telegram Announcement Channel
TAHU Litepaper




TAHU is an innovative NFT platform originating from the meeting of cutting edge media industry and blockchain technology.