TAHU Evolution

Let’s talk about what’s new and what is coming within the next weeks…

TAHU platform is now supporting 3 different chains: BSC, ETH, MATIC !

What does it means for holders and collectors ?

  • TAHU collections can be minted with 3 different contracts, giving access to several marketplaces, like : Opensea, Pancakeswap, Treasureland and all the majors upcoming within the next 2 months…Coinbase for example !
    Our project achieved a high level of flexibility, in order to support different needings and panoramas; each NFT market/chain has its own type of investor/collector, we aim to reach them all, delivering appropriate contents-market pair.
  • TAHU NFTs can be bought using BSC chain and immediately traded on Opensea, thanks to Matic integration, gas fees will be drastically reduced: TAHU holders will NOT face eth fees, still being able to trade NFTs on ETH markets.
  • Next step: we will implement Solana NFT bridging, let’s reach all markets.

As per our vision and roadmap, TAHU is investing in the creation of a company able to connect crypto space to “classic industry”.
With a specific and clear offer, the aim is to deliver new era NFTs to companies and brands by using our platform, incubator and team skills.
The primary goal is to obtain private collections NFT items available in our boutique, hence for holders, more to come…

This “Industries bridge” should bring the chance to

  • Collaborate with important names
  • Sustain token price by offering branded NFT items
  • Enter the future evolution of NFT markets with a solid position and offer

We are not wasting money on pump and dump marketing, rather we want to market appropriately following collections releases and being coherent with market(s) demand.

At the moment we are agreeing and defining plans with 2 agencies sharing our projects and content production updates, rather than create only a price action by influencers, which, anyhow, will be temporary and not useful to those who want to participate in the TAHU project.

Marketing will start before every collection publishing in order to share the real product and promote its release-selling, a more detailed article will follow along with new collections deck.

Last but not least, our marketing plan is kinda progressive, and we aim to reach also uncommon channels, we want to keep the project flexible in every aspect.

A specific article will follow soon to introduce next collections and more info about collection listing, thank you for reading.

A glimpse from new collection “FLOW”



TAHU is an innovative NFT platform originating from the meeting of cutting edge media industry and blockchain technology.

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TAHU is an innovative NFT platform originating from the meeting of cutting edge media industry and blockchain technology.