TAHU October Updates

A comprehensive review about next steps

First Interactive NFT airdrop

TAHU delivered for free the first interactive NFT, “Symbol”, which was airdropped directly to wallet holders and is now available for trading on Opensea.

Opensea link

Interactive content is not yet mintable on Opensea platform, determining a critical aspect about airdropped NFT value.

“Symbol” is the first item of “Brand Collection”, a unique collection that will be distributed only to holders to create a rewarding loyalty system.

Brand Collection items feature custom metadata.

This data will integrate and enhance future collections, creating specific use cases time by time.

E.g., Special edition NFTs will be accessible only to wallets holding Brand Collection Items and which reach specific requirements by TAHU metadata.


The boutique, which is the place where our NFTs are booked, is working on testnet.

An additional module is being added to give users an overview of their owned NFTs.
We plan the Boutique release within October, accordingly with the release of collections.

The team is working on the Cloud Rendering module, which will open the doors to AAA experiences using Unreal and Unity projects through interactive streaming.

A testnet sample has been released as proof of concept.
We are currently selecting a service supplier which will be our partner for the long term.

The team is considering and carefully exploring multi-chain integration, with a particular focus on Polygon and Solana networks.


Three teams have been created in just two weeks, and they are producing unique collections.

The Incubator hired specific professionals to work on future creativity and tech integrations.


The first collection has been completed and tested on multiple devices/operative systems, ready to be delivered.

Three more collections are in the works based on several concepts:

  • Modular 3D character (a character whose parts are interchangeably determining item rarity dynamically)
  • Procedural poetries ( poetries which will composed by user interaction)
  • Mobile device interactivity models ( eg.: contents reacting on phone shaking, etc )
  • AudioReactive and AudioGenerative contents ( funny stuff )


The team is currently evaluating a partnership with Chainlink, which, in case, will not be just a nominal agreement but a collaboration on specific item types.
A TAHU-Chainlink workgroup is evaluating three specific points:

  • Adoption of Chainlink VRF ( info )
  • Adoption of Chainlink Dynamic NFTs protocol ( info )
  • Integration of Polygon-Matic network for next gen NFTs

TAHU started a round of meetings with potential partners which can bring value to the project:

  • Sport media management agencies
  • Art collectionists
  • Social media managers
  • Digital and non-digital artists


A structured marketing company has been already involved and will execute scheduled tasks.

A defined plan will be started accordingly with platform and collections releases.



TAHU is an innovative NFT platform originating from the meeting of cutting edge media industry and blockchain technology.

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TAHU is an innovative NFT platform originating from the meeting of cutting edge media industry and blockchain technology.