Welcome to TAHU 2022! News, collections & releases

4 min readJan 5, 2022

TAHU wishes you all a happy, healthy and wealthy 2022! 🎊

We are doing our part by bringing you huge news and collections 🚀

First, is important to mention that the crypto space has changed a lot during the last months and our project evolved as well, there has been a lot of work behind the scenes in order to deliver you a winning platform and quality products.

Let’s dive into it!

For start, we are incredibly excited to share that TAHU will bring you

  • 🚀 A real, interactive, explorable and usable METAVERSE 🚀
    We are integrating high end widely accessible technologies, combined with exceptional design expertise, to deliver a unique real experience into the space.
    No video trailers, no empty promises, the real deal!
  • Staking and a Tiers System💰
    Did someone say “wen staking”?! 🤑
  • A Collectibles Stats System 📈
  • 5 new exclusive NFT collections 🎨
    First collection to be released on POLYGON (aka MATIC) chain, so you can finally forget about gas fees and be able to trade them on OpenSea!
    You won’t stop playing with them!

Let’s dive deep into details 🤓


NFT means digital property, an NFT with specific characteristics not only represents a specific value, but is able to determine holder profile.

First release coming in January 2022 and opened first to beta testing program.

This first release will include a 3D interactive environment which can be used by TAHU holders as “Metaverse NFT showcase”, your personal showroom of the NFTs you proudly hold.

Subsequent features will be released in phases in order to allow TAHU team to adopt latest technology and react to the constant changes of this new world.

Each IDENTITY in the Metaverse will have a score, which is calculated by a weighted sum of following components:

  • Total amount of TAHU staked
  • Staking period, n. of days you staked TAHU
  • Profile stats

Profile stats are composed by 2 different group of stats:

TAHU Identity Stats

Each IDENTITY can improve its profile stats via:

  • Owning TAHU NFTs the more you own the quicker you improve.
  • Metaverse interactions, such creating showrooms for your NFTs, playing games…basically live in the Metaverse.

Here a few slide showing stats for upcoming collections:

XIX The Sun Stats
XV The Devil Stats

Identity Score, combined with staking V2, will determine

  • Tiers itselves
  • passive rewards
  • in-game boosts

and much more…a dedicated article will be published soon

🚀 Staking V1 live within January 2022 🚀

Wallets holding at least one of the TAHU NFTs including ones holding the early airdropped TAHU SYMBOL (view it in OpenSea here) as a gift for our early holders ❤️

Staking options

  • 90 days — APR 240%
  • 60 days — APR 110%
  • 30 days — APR 50%

Staking rules

  • 30% Penalty for early withdraw
  • Max daily withdrawal $150, adjusted realtime against TAHU token price


Wallets staking TAHU token will access Tier System* as follows

TAHU Tiers V1

*Specs maybe be subject to change before release.

Unique Identity Collectibles

We improved our proprietary minting/delivering platform in order to integrate Identity Metaverse and stats system.

Within January 2022 we will release TAHU Collections Deck and the first of 5 collections that are in the work at the moment: TAHUROTS.


The collection includes 22 UNIQUE ITEMS in very limited edition 💎

TAHUROTS is a completely custom made Tarots “cards” deck, fully interactive and result of a huge effort between exceptional engineers and designers. Where art meets bytes.

Created from scratch from manual drawings on paper to carefully crafted digital versions. Each item features its own original soundtrack and unique “interactable” melody, here’s a taste of it

The rarest figures are the ones with LASER EYES, crypto magic!

TAHUROTS Rare Laser Eyes

Each item has 3 different RARITY CATEGORIES, hatch your own and good luck!

TAHUROTS Collection recap

  • 7 artists team, release January 2022 on Polygon Matic
  • Hand drawn art piece, digitized into interactive 3D experience, each with its own soundtrack
  • Audio — Video real time interactive, “spatialized” sound
  • Socials sharable NFT
  • 22 unique items with very limited supply, 10–15 max.
  • 3 levels of rarity Rarest items featuring Laser Eyes
  • Items will be rentable to 3rd party applications, games and metaverses

Pssst, hey! can you keep a secret ? 🤫
Owning the full collection will give stats Boost 1.7x !! 🔋




TAHU is an innovative NFT platform originating from the meeting of cutting edge media industry and blockchain technology.